Updated Tuesday August 8, 2017 by Kannapolis Dixie Youth.

Would like to welcome everyone to our website.  We are excited for the upcoming season!  We would like to introduce the officers for the 2017 KDY season:

  • C.J. Loftis - President
  • Chris Duplisea - Vice-President
  • Elizabeth Ritchie - Treasurer
  • Whitney Jackson - Secretary

League Directors:

  • Instructional - CJ Loftis
  • 5/6 Coach Pitch - Chris Stamey
  • 7/8 Coach Pitch - Richie Sinclair
  • Minors - Elizabeth Ritchie/Richard O'Kelly
  • Head Umpire - Barry Lentz
  • Concession Stand Manager - Beth Allen
  • Fundraising - KDY Board
  • Uniforms/Special Events - Beth Allen

We also welcome new board members Richie Sinclair, Chris Stamey, Elizabeth Lanier, Courtney Kerley, and Tonya Day.  Thanks to all of you for donating your time to help our kids grow while teaching them baseball. "PLAY BALL!"