Kannapolis Dixie Youth Staff

We are a volunteer only staff

UpdatedFriday February 28, 2020 byKannapolis Dixie Youth.

The staff at Kannpolis Dixie Youth are all volunteers. Many of them have children currently playing baseball in our league, but all of them donate their time, love, and passion for the game of baseball and the boys and girls of our community. Most will never know of all the hours put in cleaning the concession stand, or the sweat poured out lining and dragging the fields, picking up trash, or the sleepless nights spent looking for answers to sometimes impossible questions that require a response to a parent the next day. These folks are our friends, co-workers, fellow church members, and fellow citzens. And they do not recieve one dime for all of their effort. When you meet one of them at the ball park, please remember these things.

Below we recognize our staff - many of whom have been doing this for years even after their children moved on to play baseball in school.


  • Chris Duplisea - President
  • Richie Sinclair - Vice-President
  • Elizabeth Ritchie - Treasurer
  • Beth Allen - Secretary

Board Members:

  • Chris Duplisea
  • Richie Sinclair
  • Elizabeth Ritchie
  • Beth Allen
  • Brandon Shinn
  • Dustin Shue
  • Jennifer Frazier
  • Herbie Hutchins
  • Kelly Galloway
  • Meagan Young
  • Tamara Staehler
  • Brandon Kerley
  • Andy Sain
  • Barry Lentz - lifetime member

League Directors:

  • Instructional - Andy Sain & Brandon Kerley
  • 5/6 Coach Pitch - Andy Sain & Brian Kerley
  • 7/8 Coach Pitch - Beth Allen & Herbie Hutchins
  • Minors - Dustin Shue & Meagan Young
  • Head Umpire - Barry Lentz
  • Concession Stand Manager - Beth Allen
  • Fundraising - KDY Board
  • Uniforms/Special Events -
  • Scheduling- Beth Allen
  • Website/Social Media - Andy Sain