2020 Spring Season Cancelled

Focus to be on a Great Fall Season

UpdatedWednesday May 13, 2020 byAndy Sain.

Kannapolis Dixie Youth Family & Friends,


What we have experienced so far in 2020 has been unlike anything that any of us could have predicted.  As you are aware, things are starting to re-open and we are now looking for our “new normal”.  That process will continue to be a slow one and unfortunately that does not really allow us to offer a baseball season any time soon.  We had remained optimistic in being able to put together a season for late spring or early summer but have ultimately had to make the difficult decision to pull the plug.  It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of our 2020 spring season. 


As of now, we plan to focus our efforts into planning for a fall season.  We are really hoping and praying that the threat of COVID-19 is behind us by that point so that we can give the children the opportunity to play the game that they all love so much.  They deserve to be able to play ball and we are definitely determined to offer that to them, if possible.  Fall baseball is typically laid back with more focus on instruction.  This year would be a little different though.  Our goal would be to treat the fall like we would the spring season.  That would consist of an extended, more competitive season starting some time in August.   Also, we know that team and individual pictures are important to many families.  We don't want the children to be missing a year of photographs for down the road when they are reminiscing about their playing days, so we will schedule a picture day before the end of the season.  We really feel as though we can have a fall season that is as good as, or even better than what we offer in the spring and are committed to making up for the lost time.  


Regarding registration fees, we have chosen to apply that money toward the fall season for each player.  There are processing fees that have been paid and would be lost if we must issue reimbursements.  Because of this, applying credit toward the fall makes the most sense from a financial standpoint.  That said, the last thing we would want is for people to feel as though the league is trying to keep their money.  These are challenging times and we understand that.  If your child will not be playing in the fall or if you would like an immediate refund, please contact us either through our email, kannapolisdixieyouthbaseball@yahoo.com or through Facebook Messenger.  Someone will be in touch as quickly as possible to assist with a reimbursement.


We are extremely disappointed with this cancellation but know that it is for the best.  We sincerely appreciate all of those who chose our league for spring baseball.  We hope that everyone decides to join us in the fall for a great season.  Until then, stay healthy and have a great summer!     



Kannapolis Dixie Youth Board